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Aerospace Bearing Staking Tools and Kits by AeroStaking

In the dynamic realm of aerospace engineering, precision and reliability reign supreme. Picture a bustling hangar or a serene workshop, each space a canvas where the art of aviation intricately intersects with the accuracy of engineering. In these environments, every rivet, bolt, and component is crucial to the safety and reliability of an aircraft. AeroStaking understands this responsibility and has emerged as a trusted ally for aerospace mechanics, simplifying complex maintenance tasks with our exclusive range of bearing tools and kits.
AeroStaking is the go-to name in the aerospace industry. We stand at the forefront, dedicated to revolutionizing the aerospace maintenance landscape. We simplify the lives of aerospace mechanics involved in installing, removing, and replacing bearings. For decades, our commitment to excellence has driven us to craft an unparalleled Aerospace bearing staking tool set, meticulously designed to cater to the intricate needs of aerospace mechanics and professionals worldwide.

A Commitment to Aerospace

Our mission at AeroStaking is crystal clear: to alleviate the challenges faced by aerospace mechanics. We comprehend the intricate demands aviation professionals tackle daily. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering the industry’s most reliable, durable, and user-friendly bearing staking tool set. Our tools prioritize your requirements, enabling efficient work and maintaining the highest safety standards.

Our Extensive Product Range:

At AeroStaking, we offer a diverse range of Aerospace bearing kits tailored to your needs. Our kits comprise the following essential tools:

  • Bearing Cutters: This is a precision-engineered bearing removal tool to pull out and replace bearings with accuracy and ease.
  • Tri-Roller Swagers: Ensuring precise swaging of bearings, significantly extending their longevity and performance.
  • Swaging tools Kit: A comprehensive kit containing all necessary components for secure and reliable bearing swaging operations.
  • Proof Loading Tools: Guaranteeing the integrity of your bearing installations, offering aerospace mechanics and operators peace of mind.

Service Bulletins and Compliance

Quality and safety are non-negotiable at AeroStaking. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, we provide Service Bulletins for all manufactured parts, granting you access to the latest information and best practices for utilizing our tools. Additionally, all our bearing tools adhere strictly to Airworthiness Directives, guaranteeing reliability and performance.

Aerospace Markets We Serve:

AeroStaking proudly caters to diverse aerospace markets, including:

  • Commercial: Solutions that meet the stringent requirements of commercial aviation, assisting airlines and operators in efficiently maintaining their fleets.
  • Manufacturer: Aerospace manufacturers rely on our tools and kits to ensure the precision and quality of their products.
  • Government: Government agencies trust AeroStaking’s aerospace-bearing tools for their crucial applications in aviation and defense.
  • Military Industry: We support the military industry with tools that meet the rigorous standards and demands of military aviation and defense operations.


Use of Anvil staking Tools is the simplest method of retention of bearing in the housing.

Angled Ring type Staking tools capable of crimping or flaring out the lip of V-grooved bearing under force applied

Anvil Tool utilizes:

    • Hydraulic Press
    • Mechanical / Arbor Press
    • Pneumatic Press
  • Features:
    • The ASA is a straightforward and traditional bearing staking tool that consists of a solid anvil and a hammer or press.
    • It is commonly used for light-duty applications and situations where precision is not as critical.
    • The ASA typically requires manual force to stake bearings into place, making it suitable for small-scale operations.
  • Advantages:
    • Simplicity: The ASA is easy to use and does not require extensive training.
    • Cost-Effective: It is often more affordable than other staking tools, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious users.
  • Applications:
    • The ASA is well-suited for low-impact tasks, such as hobbyist projects and simple bearing installations where precision tolerances are not essential.


Aero Staking ASB Tools are made IAW:

  • Method 300 of NAS0331
  • Per AS specification

ASB’s are used on ductile materials in Housing over the bearing’ staking and sleeved bearing staking. Click here and check our Aerospace Bearing Tool Kits

  • Features:
    • The ASB features a ball-tip staking tool that creates precise impressions on the bearing’s surface.
    • This tool is designed for applications that demand higher accuracy and repeatability.
    • ASB may require a pneumatic or hydraulic press to generate the necessary force for staking.
  • Advantages:
    • Precision: ASB provides consistent and repeatable results, making it ideal for applications where tight tolerances are crucial.
    • Versatility: It can be used for various bearing sizes and configurations.
  • Applications:
    • ASB is commonly used in industries like automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and industrial machinery, where precision and reliability are paramount.


Segmented staking tools uses:

  • Hydraulic Press
  • Mechanical / Arbor Press
  • Pneumatic Press

ASG’s are used on ductile materials in: “Housing over the bearing” Staking and sleeved bearing staking. Check us on MRO magazine.

  • Features:
    • The ASG utilizes a segmented staking tool that creates multiple impressions simultaneously around the bearing circumference.
    • It is designed for high-volume production and can be automated for efficiency.
    • ASG tools are often used with hydraulic or pneumatic presses to ensure consistent and controlled staking.
  • Advantages:
    • Efficiency: ASG tools can stake multiple bearings quickly, reducing assembly time and labor costs.
    • Consistency: They provide uniform staking results, minimizing the risk of bearing misalignment or damage.
  • Applications:
    • ASG tools are well-suited for mass production environments, such as automotive assembly lines, where large quantities of bearings need to be staked with precision and speed.

In example:

  • Bombardier BAPS
  • Method 400 of NAS0331
  • Per AS specification
Aerostaking - Aerospace Bearing Staking Tools
Aerostaking - Aerospace Bearing Staking Tools
Aerostaking - Aerospace Bearing Staking Tools

In summary, choosing the right bearing staking tool depends on your specific requirements, including the level of precision needed, the volume of production, and your budget. The Anvil Staking Tool (ASA) is a simple and cost-effective choice for basic applications, while the Ball Impression Staking Tool (ASB) offers greater precision and versatility. For high-volume production, the Segment Impression Staking Tool (ASG) provides efficiency and consistency. Understanding the differences between these tools will help you select the most suitable one for your bearing staking needs.


AeroStaking stands as your trusted partner in the aerospace industry, delivering top-quality Aerospace Bearing Staking Tools and Kits meticulously designed to simplify maintenance tasks while enhancing the safety and reliability of your aircraft. Our commitment to compliance, safety, and innovation places us at the forefront, making aerospace mechanics’ lives easier and contributing to the industry’s success. Choose AeroStaking for trustworthy tools that deliver. Explore our resources page for specific tools you may need.

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