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When finding reliable bearings for your business, you want to be sure that you get top-of-the-line products. As an industry leader, Aero Staking offers top-tier aerospace bearing tools for your business. We’re also your one-stop solution source for testing tools. Boasting 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, installation, and service of bearing tools, we’re a formidable force in the industry.

Additionally, Aero Staking is the most affordable bearing tool supplier. Manufacturers, subcontractors, and users in the aerospace industry use our services. All thanks to our reliability, cost-efficiency, and prompt delivery.


Why Choose Us?

The aerospace sector prioritizes safety, passenger comfort, space, and weight savings. Hence, Aero Staking ensures press swaging tools are properly installed and work at their design capabilities without torque difficulties. Exceeding expectations forms the core of our values because we believe in offering the best services.

In addition, every detail matters. This is because the aerospace industry can affect ride quality and passenger safety. From comfort to productivity and uptime, our bearing testing tools are certified and meet quality standards. Aero Staking strives to take the industry to new levels in aerospace bearing tools, focusing on competency and efficiency.


Our Values

Safety, excellence, respect, and customer experience are the core of our activities at Aero Staking. These values enable us to embrace our full potential hence influencing our work.



Safety comes first at all levels of our business. Hence, we’re focused on creating a secure and healthy work environment. Our team ensures safety while developing proactive measures to prevent accidents and hazards.



From our customer service to manufacturing, innovation, and processes, excellence is at the heart of our activities at Aero Staking. As a leading company, we continually work to improve our services, including how to procure swaging bearing tool systems.



Our company believes teamwork helps us achieve our work goals. Additionally, we allow freedom of expression and independence to reveal the full potential of everyone. At Aero Staking, our team works with mutual respect, irrespective of background, status, or nationality. We understand that respect and diversity help us grow as a team.


Customer Experience

Besides offering technical support, we seek to build collaborative, long-term partnerships with our clients. Understanding clients’ challenges are necessary to help them achieve their goals and meet their needs.

Due to our diverse expertise, we have an in-depth understanding of clients’ problems and how to solve them. With needs and expectations changing continuously, we re-evaluate our approach, considering our customers’ feedback. This will help strengthen our partnerships.


Work With Us

Aero Staking has become the leading ‘One-Stop-Bearing-Tool’ solution source for manufacturers, subcontractors, users, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities in the aerospace industry. Our company prides itself on being one of the most cost-effective aerospace bearing tool suppliers with the quickest and most reliable delivery schedules. Contact us to get started with our services.

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